Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited‘s Disclosure

Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited is engaged in the business of distribution of third party financial products and services including but not limited to various insurance products.

Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited role for the current context, is limited to a referrer where Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited will introduce clients through a link hosted on the Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited website leading to Vested Finance Inc., a US based SEC registered Investment adviser. Clients will be directly sharing their details by submitting the prescribed documents directly to Vested Finance Inc. on their portal. Once clients have been referred in such manner, they are solely responsible for any and all orders placed by them and understand that such orders are unsolicited, based on their own investment decisions.

Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited or any of its employees, agents, principals, or representatives are not an officers, directors or other employees of Vested Finance Inc., and do not provide recommendations for any security, transaction or order, provide any investment advice, produce or provide any research to any user regarding any security transaction or order, handle funds or related securities or effect clearance or settlement of users trades or transactions done through the Vested Finance Inc. portal, except if a user has a separate advisory agreement with Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited. All processes including KYC will be executed by Vested Finance Inc. directly with client and Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited shall not incur any personal financial liability.

As a referral agent Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited earns a fee from Vested Finance Inc. upon successful business conversion of the referred customers. No person or organization solicited by the Solicitor/referrer on behalf of the Adviser who subsequently becomes a client of the Adviser will be charged for the solicitation activities of the Solicitor/referrer. All referral fees paid to the Solicitor/referrer represent a portion of the fees actually charged by the Adviser for investment advisory services on behalf of the client. Because the fees are negotiated directly with the Solicitor/referrer, fees paid by you will be higher [or lower] than the amount of fees the Adviser would customarily charge to other new clients with similar assets and who were not referred to the Adviser by the Solicitor/referrer.